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that’s ok mum


that’s ok mum

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i love tyler the creator

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i would so do this too

I LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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hey hey dudes. do you mind if i pour my heart out for a quick second??

i’ve been a tiny wee bit stressed recently about my YouTube channel and the content i want to make for it/the content that you guys want to see on it. i can see that you all are genuinely so excited about my music, and really engaging and listening and sharing and it means the world to me. at the same time, i don’t want to forget about my channel. things get tough bc im working a lot on music stuff (that you’ll get to see obvi - the HLP video is not far off, got some remixes coming out soon that i cannot WAIT for you to hear and booty pop to, etc etc) but it takes time from making videos like i used to. we’re growing up together and i’m so excited about where things are going, but i feel like i’m in a bit of an awkward in-between phase right now and i thought i should just be open about it with you guys and ask - 

what do you want to see? how would you all feel about a behind the scenes series-ish thing of videos (i’d kill to make videos like Beyonce did for her Vevo - watch the whole series, its fucking brilliant)? my regular old vlogs? i value you all and your opinions so much, and i thank you for truly supporting me in whatever i do, kidlings, so just let me know and i’ll have a bit more of a think

yours truly and forever

troyeboy *sunglasses emoji* x